Full list of applications/cartridges supported on OpenShift Express

In my last post we created a sample PHP application with no content, no files, no nothing!

Just in case you want to create another kind of applications, here’s the full list of what is supported right now:

  • python-2.6
  • jenkins-1.4
  • ruby-1.8, raw-0.1
  • php-5.3
  • jbossas-7.0
  • perl-5.1

Remember how to create an application:

rhc-create-app -a <appname>  -t <apptype>

And here’s the list of all the cartridges supported in those applications:

  • mongodb-2.0
  • cron-1.4
  • mysql-5.1
  • postgresql-8.4
  • 10gen-mms-agent-0.1
  • phpmyadmin-3.4
  • metrics-0.1
  • rockmongo-1.1
  • jenkins-client-1.4

And a quick remember of how to add a cartridge:

rhc-ctl-app  -a <appname> -e add-<cartridge>

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