How to install RHEV Manager (RHEV) Web Admin? (Technology Preview!)

In RHEV 3.0 we’re very near to ditch out our windows clients for administrating RHEVM plataform once and forever.

In order to do so we need to install the new HTML5 webadmin portal (normally it’s installed by default):

yum install -y rhevm-webadmin-portal.x86_64
service jbossas restart

And then you’ll need to access to this URL:

  • https://<FQDN>:8443/webadmin/webadmin/WebAdmin.html

Finally, take into account that:

  • Under Chrome works quite well but remember that there’s no SPICE plugin for Chrome web browser. So if you need to see the console of your guest, Firefox is the way to go.
  • Be aware that is not yet 100% functional as the other Administration Portal because it’s just in technology preview!

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