How to upgrade our RHEV-H hypervisors with RHEVM?

Once we’ve installed RHEVM and our RHEV-H’s how should I upgrade the hypervisors?

In order to do so, on the RHEVM machine, we need to install the isos images of RHEV-H:

yum install rhev-hypervisor6.noarch

NOTICE: If you’re unable to install this package add the following channel:

rhn-channel --add -c rhel-x86_64-server-6-rhevh

And we’ll notice that /usr/share/rhev-hypervisor/ contains the iso images of RHEV-H:

ls /usr/share/rhev-hypervisor/

Once it’s installed, we can put our RHEV-H into maintenance mode, and will see this option:

  • Host is in maintenance mode, you can Activate it by pressing the Activate button. If you wish to upgrade or reinstall it click here.
And just click “here” and select which RHEV-H iso image are you going to use:
  • rhevh-latest-6.iso

And that would be it, let RHEVM install the upgrade and the node would be automatically rebooted with the newer version of RHEV-H.


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