Using pulp client in Satellite 6.0 from command line

In order to use pulp client we need to install it and configure it:

# yum install -y pulp-admin-client
# mkdir ~/.pulp/
# vi ~/.pulp/admin.conf
verify_ssl = false
host = <FQDN Satellite 6 server>

Then we need our pulp admin password:

# grep -i ^default_password /etc/pulp/server.conf 
default_password: <string>

And that’s it, we’re ready to use pulp client using admin user:

# pulp-admin login -u admin
Enter password: 
Successfully logged in. Session certificate will expire at Oct  2 22:53:05 2014 GMT.

Some example listing all our tasks:

# pulp-admin  tasks list

Operations:  publish
Resources:   test_labs-EPEL-EPEL_7_-_x86_64 (repository)
State:       Successful
Start Time:  2014-09-25T21:15:21Z
Finish Time: 2014-09-25T21:15:21Z
Task Id:     c281fcac-61f5-4679-835e-72ded469c26c

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