How to connect RHEV 3.0 IPA to Active Directory?

In a default installation we have two methods of authentication:

But, how about connecting our IPA to an Active Directory? Piece of cake! We just need to add it through the command line:
rhevm-manage-domains -action=list
rhevm-manage-domains -action=add -domain='your.nice.domain' -user='' -interactive
service jbossas restart
After that we can check that our Active Directory is correctly up and running, trying to connect it through:
rhevm-manage-domains -action=list
rhevm-manage-domains -action=validate
If it validates, all should be fine! Just try to log in with your admin IPA user and set up some users/perms from your AD, and then just authenticate with your user/pass of the AD.
If it doesn’t work just take into account:
  1. Remember to restart jbossas service after setting up your AD domain!
  2. On the UserPortal/RHEVManager remember to select the correct domain from the combobox!
  3. If you can add your AD domain, did you try to add it with another administration user of your AD?
And just in case you just broke IPA and don’t remember your internal admin password ([email protected]), you can change it through:
rhevm-config -s AdminPassword=<newpassword>
service jbossas restart


Well, I need to improve my broken engrish, so…

Did you know that Red Hat open sourced RHEV?聽And the result was oVirt!

So that’s it! You can check out their website, wiki and GIT sources:

The only thing that I’ve noticed missing in comparison to RHEV is the USB redirection drivers as so far they didn’t open sourced that… let’s wait for it 馃檪

Deep dives RHEV3 GA

Per la gent que no es vulgui registrar us adjunto els pdf’s del deep dives que es varen publicar:

脡s molt interessant el roadmap per la versi贸 del 3.1 on apareixeran noves funcionalitats que encara manquen la soluci贸 de RHEV comparant-la amb la de VMware vSphere.


Finalment, despr茅s d’esperar uns quants mesos ja ha sortit la versi贸 de RHEV3 GA!

Com a novetats podeu mirar tant la documentaci贸 oficial com els v铆deos i presentacions de l’event que es va realitzar aquest passat dia 18 de Gener:

I com a cirereta ens ofereixen una versi贸 de 60 dies amb suport per tal de provar la nova versi贸:
Aix铆 que ja podeu preparar els vostres POC i qui sap, alg煤n dia, desfer-nos dels nostres estimats ESXi’s.