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DNF (Experimental Yum Replacement)

In order to test DNF (Dandified Yum) we can follow these steps:

# yum install -y dnf
# dnf install fedora-release-rawhide
# dnf upgrade --enablerepo=rawhide
# cat /etc/fedora-release 
Fedora release 22 (Rawhide)

Take into account that this also will upgrade our machine to Fedora Rawhide.

As a command reference it’s almost equal to yum syntaxis:

List of Main Commands

check-update              Check for available package upgrades
clean                     Remove cached data
distro-sync               Synchronize installed packages to the latest available versions
downgrade                 downgrade a package
erase                     Remove a package or packages from your system
group                     Display, or use, the groups information
help                      Display a helpful usage message
history                   Display, or use, the transaction history
info                      Display details about a package or group of packages
install                   Install a package or packages on your system
list                      List a package or groups of packages
makecache                 Generate the metadata cache
provides                  Find what package provides the given value
reinstall                 reinstall a package
repolist                  Display the configured software repositories
repository-packages       Run commands on top of all packages in given repository
search                    Search package details for the given string
updateinfo                Display advisories about packages
upgrade                   Upgrade a package or packages on your system
upgrade-to                Upgrade a package on your system to the specified version