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Eudyptula Challenge completed

No updates means that I was busy 🙂

So finally I got to finish Eudyptula challenge and I would like to recommend you once again to try it and finish it.

I’ve learned so many things about the kernel that without the “guidance” of little I wouldn’t be aware of.

And if you’re curious that’s a quote from little:

Very nice job, you are now done!

If you were curious, you are the 50th person to complete the series of tasks, with over 7100 people currently attempting it. It’s not a race, but you’ve done a great job.

Eudyptula Challenge

The Eudyptula Challenge is a series of programming exercises for the Linux kernel, that start from a very basic “Hello world” kernel module, moving on up in complexity to getting patches accepted into the main Linux kernel source tree.

More info in:


This challenge consists in 20 tasks and I’ve recently got to task 09, let’s see how far I can make it.

How about you? Don’t miss the chance to learn more things about the Linux kernel!